Enjoy the fun of reading!

PGBC Church Library currently has over 2250 books available to be checked out.

Whether your interest is in growing stronger in your faith, researching scripture, prophecy, tackling family problems, understanding life’s struggles, learning about Baptist doctrine, other religions, biographies of Christians from all walks of life, or simply a good novel, the book for you is probably waiting in our church library.

We try to make our library a welcoming place where you have access to resources you can’t get in a public library. All our books and resources are carefully reviewed by the library committee before hitting the shelves. All are not necessarily best sellers, but our members can take comfort knowing the books we have are appropriate for our faith.

Finding a book in our library is easier than ever before. An alphabetical listing of available books by title, by author, by subject, and by key words is available to assist you in selecting a book. Check-out is on an honor system basis. Keep a book as long as you need to finish reading, but not so long that others have to wait for an extended period to read the same book.

The church library is open before and after worship services on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. You may also visit the library during church office hours 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Monday thru Thursday. Browsers are always welcome.