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Church Strengthening–Georgia Baptist Mission Board

Video Update:

SPARK Purpose:

  • SPARK exists to strengthen churches by equipping and inspiring lay leaders to make multiplying disciples. 

Click on this link to see the packet to help you promote your location beginning now:

  • Social Media promo graphics
  • SPARK logo
  • “save the date” card
  • Breakout session list

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Ministry Leaders! Save the date!

No matter what ministry you lead in your church, we have a conference for you! A total church equipping conference, SPARK is designed to bring the best how-to and transformational information to anyone who leads women’s ministries, men’s ministries, kids & student ministries, missions, pastoral, small groups & Sunday school and so many more! 

If you lead any ministry at your church, check out

Promotion NOW is mission critical:

  • GBMB is promoting broadly through The Christian Index, bulk email, 3in3 Executive Director reports, ACTS Network, social media, in-house emails, and AMS meetings.
  • VERY IMPORTANT. The most important and most effective promotion will come from contacting the AMSs and host churches around you through emails, texts, personal phone calls, leader lunches, and as always, personal invites to pastors/leaders reigns supreme.
    • Reminder, we will buy lunch for you to gather AMSs and one to host local pastors as you promote SPARK in your region. We suggest this be done prior to June 15th to give leaders enough time to promote and implement.
    • The goal is 40+ churches at each location.
    • Your GBMB point of contact can help you with this if you have questions. They may not be able to attend your lunch promotions, but they can get you all the resources and insights you need!

Confirm all details by end of May:

  • Your worship band for the large group assembly time needs to be done very well and plan on 3 songs max.
  • Vendor for your meal, snacks, drinks, if applicable.
    • Planning for 350+ (ex: Keurig’s won’t give you enough supply; think in terms of a coffee bar than just coffee)
  • 15 rooms mapped out to be used on day of event (16 at Beech Haven)
  • Media team to run large session and available to help with media needs in breakout rooms.
  • Do you have a tv with HDMI hook up in each room or projector on location the presenter can use?
  • Begin working on volunteers for parking lot, hallways, snack stations, room hosts, etc.
  • And again, if you need help or have questions, contact your GBMB POC.

Registration is OPEN:

  • Cost: $15/person (with a meal) and $10/person (with no meal). Check your location.
  • Registrants who attend the live location get full access to the SPARK vault for 12 months with content from the past years.
  • If you have questions about registration, contact Bryan Nowak, [email protected] or Lana Melton ([email protected]). 

SPARK Interpreters for Hearing Impaired at Beech Haven:

  • We will have interpreters at the Beech Haven location for anyone needing translation. Also, we offer a breakout at Beech haven for those interested in BEGINNING A DEAF MINISTRY. Fantastic opportunity.
  • And at registration, there is a spot for deaf registrants to let us know they are coming so we can provide an interpreter for them.

Buy-in to the Digital Vault?

  • Leaders may purchase 12-month access to the SPARK vault. If you desire to buy digital access for your entire church or association, see below.
    • $10 single user
    • $29 church use
    • $99 association access (Associations hosting get free access code for all their leaders)

**Reminder: all in-person attendees get 12-month access with your paid in-person registration.

Dates and Locations of In-person Gatherings:

  • FBC Statesboro, (SE) September 16
    • AMS Mike Howard
    • Pastor- John Waters
    • Church POC-Robbie Norman
    • GBMB Consultant/POC- Ray Sullivan

Registration: $15/person with lunch-n-learn meal included.

  • FBC Moultrie, (SW)  August 12
    • AMS, Dion Brown
    • Pastor- Matt Peek
    • Church POC- Matt Peek
    • GBMB Consultant/POC- Sammy Ayala

Registration: $10/person with no meal.

  • Beech Haven, Athens,  (NE) August 26
    • AMS Lex Bowen
    • Pastor- Transitional
    • Church POC- John Walker
    • GBMB Consultant/POC- Keith Ivey

Registration: $10/person with no meal.

  • Pleasant Grove Baptist, Ellijay (NW) August 13
    • AMS Stacy Dyer 
    • Pastor- Dan Rosser
    • Church POC-Dan Rosser
    • GBMB Consultant/POC- PJ Dunn

Registration: $15/person with meal included.

  • First Sandersville, (EC) August 27
    • AMS Quillian Mercer
    • Pastor-Lee Lacey
    • Church POC- Scott McDade
    • GBMB Consultant/POC- Matthew Gibbs

Registration: $15/person with meal included

  • Roopville Rd Baptist, (WC) August 19
    • AMS Tim Williams
    • Pastor- Stephen Peeples
    • Church POC- Bryant Turner
    • GBMB Consultant/POC- Carl Johnson

*Registration: $10/person with no meal.

SPARK 2023 Schedule:

  • Time frame:
    • Sundays, 4:30 PM – 8:30 PM
      • 4:00     Doors open/Registration
      • 4:30     Keynote 
      • 5:30     Light supper
      • 6:15     Breakout 
      • 7:15     Breakout
      • 8:15     Dismiss
    • Saturdays, 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM
      • 8:00     Doors open
      • 8:30     Registration
      • 9:00     Keynote
      • 10:10   Breakout
      • 11:20   Breakout
      • 12:20   Dismiss & lunch (each location has choice to provide, or people can eat on their own)

*Planning for 50-minute breakout sessions then time for transition and collaboration.

SPARK breakout categories:

  • Pastor Wellness, Evangelism, Missions, Next Gen (youth & children), Worship & Music, Georgia Baptist Women, Collegiate, Mission Georgia, Public Affairs, Discipleship, Deaf, Young Leaders, and Disaster Relief.

*Reminder, we will have a breakout at Beech Haven for leaders interested in beginning a deaf ministry.

Final Encouragement. Let’s work diligently to create not just a training at your SPARK location but an event that honors the Lord, trains & inspires leaders, and creates an experience that raises the bar on how local church training can be done… because we really are better together!




Aug 13 2023


4:30 pm - 8:30 pm