This summer we have been blessed to have four interns join us to help us with activities and events. Two you probably already know, Nathan and Kristen Armstrong. They are the oldest son and daughter of Kyle and Dusty Armstrong. I am grateful we are getting to pour into two of our own this summer as they help us minister to youth and children.

Through a recruiting visit to Truett McConnell University we were able to meet and later interview Angel Wright and Via Occilien-Similien. It has been great to get to know these two and watch their energy and excitement for the Lord spill over onto our kids. I am grateful that we are getting to pour into and see them grow in serving the Lord.

In June we were able to do two Day Camps that ran Monday through Wednesday on back-to-back weeks. As many as 39 children were here and never less than 30 children. They were taught from God’s Word and reminded of God our Creator. This material came from Answers in Genesis and pointed to the reality that God is the Creator, and we are not here by accident. The children got to do crafts and recreation as well as getting fed a light lunch every day. I have no doubt seeds were planted in hearts and lives that God will bring to maturity in His timing.

As we enter the month of July we turn our attention to Vacation Bible School. July 7-11 from 5:15 to 8:00pm each evening we will be helping children understand that you can count on the solid truth of God’s Word in a world where there is so much shifting sand. Pray for our teachers and leaders as well as the children that will be here. We want to see children that don’t know Christ come to faith in Christ. Ask God to prepare hearts to hear His Word and be receptive to the truth that God loves them and sent His Son to die for their sins.

Thank you for being a church that supports reaching out to and ministering to youth and children. I pray that God will bring many more children through the doors of this church that they might be added to His Kingdom for His glory.

In His Amazing Grace, Dan