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Fear Of The Lord


Proverbs 19:23 states: “The fear of the Lord leads to life….” The theme of this year’s youth Disciple-Now weekend was “Fearless”, where the youth learned what it means to have life as children of an almighty God. Now my question for you is: do you fear the Lord? What does fearing the Lord even mean to you? Is […]

Why Read?


DVD’s and CD’s.  Check out our display on the table. Sign out card on the back.  No time period check out. Just return it when finished. WHY READ ?  Books can inform you Books can inspire you Books can entertain you Books can renew or boost your commitment to God. Commentaries, histories, prayer guides, geographies […]

Start Your New Beginning


I can hardly believe it is already spring and that we are now moving into the month of April.  Growing up in Augusta, April always meant one thing…The Masters.  Richmond County Schools always did spring break Masters Week which is always the first full week of April.  I can still remember going to the tournament […]