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What Other Denominations Believe


Ever wonder what other denominations of “Christians” believe? While serving as missionaries in Romania, we encountered a culture of over 80% Orthodox Christians and their beliefs. Orthodox Christians hold to some of the same doctrines as Protestants such as the Trinity, and Jesus as the Son of God. Their theology however, is more similar to […]

Feel God Near To You


One of the cutest and most helpful cards I received during my recovery from knee surgery is this… “If you have the ouchies…. I have the hugs” This just hit me as a good piece of advice. I have needed the hugs and love of my friends and I have gotten them. Thank you for […]

Prepare For Revival


Each August we plan to have a series of meetings we call revival.  We have been blessed to have some great men of God faithfully preach the Word of God to us each year.  Last year we had five men in here that did a great job sharing their heart and the heart of God, […]