I want to say thank you to everyone involved in helping make Vacation Bible School happen.  Everybody involved is a critical part of making it work and showing the love of God to our children.  I have no doubt that seeds have been planted and lives are being touched because the Word of God does not return to Him void.  We literally could not have done it without our volunteers and the time that they were willing to give in making it happen. You are the best and I am grateful for you!

           One of the real highlights of the week was the fact that Matt Dye from M28 was able to come and share with us Tuesday night of Vacation Bible School.  Matt and his family were featured on the missions video and curriculum for this years’ VBS so when Matt came with his wife and two of his sons everyone had seen him on “TV”.  It was great to see the kids connect with someone who is a real life missionary right here in our backyard in Atlanta and I am grateful that we continue to support the work of M28 in Midtown.

Matt stayed and shared more information about what is going on at M28 with the adults during the adult session time. One of the things that really resonated for me was the fact that Matt was talking about the need to be intentional about building relationship and interacting with people so you can plant the seeds of the Gospel in their life. As a young church they can’t expect people to come to them and they have to be intentional about living for God and showing people the love of Christ. They don’t even have a building of their own so people have to know where they are meeting to even come and join them for worship.

Some of the things they do are to meet people at Atlantic Station who are riding MARTA and give them an energy bar with a card about their church. They meet in Piedmont Park and play games and intentionally try to meet people in the park. Overwhelming though he encourages his folks to intentionally live for Jesus in all that they do everywhere they go.

We can no longer expect people to come to us, especially lost people.  We must be intentional about living for God and interacting with others.  After all God has placed us here to be salt and light and one thing is for sure about salt and light, they affect or change wherever they are present.  Let’s have a positive impact everyday by intentionally living for Jesus in front of those we come in contact with throughout our day.

In His Amazing Grace, Dan

In His Amazing Grace,