This the month for emphasizing the NORTH AMERICAN MISSIONARIES. Our missionar-ies serve all over the US and Islands that belong to us. You can use the guide for the week of prayer to learn about who some of our mission-aries are and where they serve. Many are church planters and teachers for places where there is no church. Many have large areas that take them miles to travel each day. Many are working with people who have never had the gospel taught.

The ANNIE ARMSTRONG OFFERING is solely used to pay for needs these missionaries have, Literature, Bibles, visual equipment, housing, transportation, food, medicine, are just some of the needs they have. You will read of the needs in particular when you use the week of prayer guide.

PRAY, GIVE, GO to help the lost to know the gospel. The Truth, the way, the only God of salvation. Our goal for Pleasant Grove is $5,000. I know you will pray about what you can do to reach the lost for Christ.

In our Library we have many good books about missionaries and what God has called them to do. The Biography section and the mission sections will help you read about them. Ask for help if you need it. We also have the story of ANNIE ARMSTRONG and what she did and why the offering is named for her.

Shirley Olmstead