I just wanted to thank you for allowing me to serve alongside you here at Pleasant Grove, you are such a blessing to me.  In the last month we have seen God answer prayers that we have prayed for Jeff and Anna Phillips.  I asked you last month to pray for God to provide a place to live for Jeff, Anna and the boys and He has clearly heard the cry of His people!  Jeff and Anna will be staying almost within sight of the church on Old Tails Creek in a house that is fully furnished.  Several options had been looked at previously but nothing was good but when God opened this door it was ideal and great given their needs.  So now we praise God for providing the place for them to live!

Secondly I had asked you to pray for them as they transitioned out of Romania.  A couple of the many details that had to be addressed were the sale of their car and all the furniture and stuff in their apartment.  Well, they were able to sell their car very quickly and then the landlord of their apartment in Romania offered to buy all the contents of their apartment from them.  Therefore they were able to leave their apartment without trying to figure out how to get rid of it and get it empty.  They simply were able to lock the door behind them.

You have also shown up and showed off as you have been so generous in helping stock their new home.  Thank you for making them feel welcome and for taking care of getting so many items that are needed to start a home.  When I have moved in the past I have brought most of my stuff with me, for them, they moved without anything other than their clothes.  You have helped make that process much better for them by loving them through your kind and generous gifts.

Finally, continue to pray for them as they get adjusted to Ellijay.  We know it is a great place to live but it is all new to them and there will be many changes for them and for the boys.  Pray for Coleman as he begins school in the states for the first time and pray for Anna as she takes care of two small boys at home.  They have been used to having Jeff around the majority of the time and now he will be at the office and out ministering in the community and that will be an adjustment for them.  We know God provides and I am grateful that they will have prayer warriors like you lifting them up in prayer.

In His Amazing Grace, Dan

In His Amazing Grace,