I have to say that I am so blessed to get to serve alongside you here at Pleasant Grove Baptist. As March arrives that means I have been here eight years and I am so grateful that God led me and my family here and allows us to serve alongside you. I sincerely hope that God allows me to serve out the rest of my full-time ministry years right here at PGBC. Thank you for making it such a joy to serve the Lord week in and week out! You have shown yourself to be a loving and generous body of believers through the years and have truly blessed me.

One recent example of the kindness and generosity of this church was a recommendation from the Finance Team and the Human Resources team to help Jeff and Anna Phillips with a legitimate need they have. As you know, when God led them to us, they came with three boys, Coleman, William, and Caleb as an infant. After some time renting, they bought a 3-bedroom house out Boardtown Rd. Some time after that the need arose to help out their two nieces, Mikaila and Tinsleigh. Since going from 3 children to 5 and all of them getting older and bigger the need has become very apparent to have more space. These two committees were in full agreement and support of extending help in this situation.

As you may know, we changed our fiscal year to match the calendar year therefore we had a short year of four months from August 2020 through December 2020. You faithfully gave and we exceeded our need by about $16,000 and these two committees have recommended taking $15,000 and starting a short-term benevolent fund to be given to the Phillips to help them add two bedrooms and move/replace a bathroom in their house to create the ability to add these two bedrooms. We are encouraging the body of Christ to give to match this $15k but it is my prayer we will exceed that $15k in our giving to help make this need a reality for them.

Pray about how God would have you to give and if He doesn’t lead you to give, don’t. We want this gift to be blessed and used for His glory. However, if He does lead you to give, give as He leads and let’s watch God meet this need! As has been said in at least two meetings discussing this need, charity begins at home. Let’s show our love and appreciation for the Phillips by helping them have the space they need for their family. 

I thank you in advance for your generosity.

In His Amazing Grace,