Until the last couple of months, I had never really had much of an encounter with hornets. I have never lived anywhere that hornets were a problem. I have battled yellow jackets before, and I truly dislike yellow jackets! They truly are infuriating when they sting me and if I had a flame thrower, I would use it on them any chance I had. Sorry, but true! They like to hide in the ground and then sneak attack and those little rascals hurt when they sting.

Now, for the first time, I am dealing with hornets. I was not familiar with how they operate. I have not seen a nest as of yet, but I see them at night. They are drawn to light and when my motion light at the side door comes on it is not unusual for them to show up and hang out around that light. The problem is the light is right next to the door I want to go through to get into the house. These massive things make it difficult to get in and I definitely do not want to be stung by one of them. So, if they are at the light by the side door I will sometimes go around to the front door and go in that way.

In an effort to thin the herd, I have purchased some hornet spray that shoots up to about 27 feet and I will come out the front door, walk around to the side door at a safe distance and light them up with the spray. It takes a moment for them to die but the spray eventually overcomes them and they don’t survive. I have managed to slow them down some though I never know when they will show back up.

However, I was thinking about their attraction to the light. They will keep coming back to that light even though I have sprayed them and sprayed that area. I pray that I would be drawn to the light more and more every day. There are plenty of things that want to keep us from the light the least we can do is to seek the light of God ahead of the things that distract. God wants us to walk in the light as He is in the light. To pursue light we will have to be intentional, we will have to make a priority out of being in God’s Word and spending time with Him in prayer.

What can you do this month, this week, today, to be more intentional about pursuing the light of God. Don’t let distractions keep you away from God. There is a cost for pursuing God, and you may have to give up some things that stand in the way! However, pursuing the light of God will make your life better and will allow you to let His light shine so others will be drawn to the light as well.

In His Amazing Grace, Dan