As I write this article we just had a time of fellowship together as a church at Mountaintown Campground.  I realize that not everyone could be there but it was good to be able to have a number of our folks out there just relaxing and enjoying one another’s company.  I want to thank the ladies that worked real hard to get everything together to make it happen.  Food doesn’t just walk out there not to mention the tablecloths and serving spoons, plates, napkins, ice and so forth.  It takes a lot of effort.  I appreciate the men who got the grill and tables and horseshoe pits out to the camp ground as well!  It is a beautiful site on the water and the Lord blessed us with good weather.

We were also there just to say thank you to the Sunday School teachers for all that they do.  The Sunday School teachers work hard each week to bring God’s Word to their classes and help them grow in their knowledge of the Lord.  Sunday School is a critical arm of the church and we need people who are willing to teach so that others might gather and study in an environment where you can ask questions and encourage one another.  If you are not in a Sunday School class I want to encourage you to give it try.  Visit classes and find the one that works for you!

Volunteers are the backbone of the church.  Me, Jeff and Doug get paid to be good but you can be good for nothing!  (Sorry for the bad humor) Seriously we need volunteers that are willing to serve in the church that we might accomplish what God wants us to do for His Kingdom.  Thank you for being willing to serve the Lord here at Pleasant Grove and together we will accomplish great things for the Glory of our King!

In His Amazing Grace,