I can hardly believe a new year is already upon as.  As we look forward to 2019, I pray we do so with great anticipation.  It might be tempting to look around and lament over a decaying world, a crazy political climate, and a frenetic pace that seems to have no end and worry about what is coming in the days ahead.  True we see that morality is scoffed at and maligned by culture.  True it seems that both political parties in our country only want to play politics and cast dispersions toward one another.  True it seems like moments quickly become weeks and month and before we know it a year has gone by again!  Still, we must remember that God is in control!

I like new stuff!  I like getting a new gadget or something that promises to make a task faster or easier!  Nevertheless, these things don’t always prove to do what they promise to do!  However, we serve a God that will neither leave nor forsake us.  We serve a God that makes all things new!  No matter how overwhelmed you feel and no matter how crazy things become, don’t forget that God is more than able to see you through.  For that to happen in your life you must keep Him first in your life!

As this New Year begins, take some steps to make sure that you put God first every day in 2019.  Start each day with Him by spending some time in His Word and in prayer.  I realize that everyone is not a morning person and it may be that you only spend five minutes orienting your mind to Him in the morning.  You may spend your study time with Him in the evening, and that is perfectly fine.  But make sure you point your thoughts to Him early in the day and thank Him for the day ahead.

Start your day with Him, but then work to focus on Him throughout your day.  Practice the presence of God through the course of the day.  See the world around you through His eyes.  I don’t have this conquered at all, but I know it is critical if I am going to make a difference in the world around me.  Walk as if God is with you throughout the day.  The truth is, we do take Him with us, but we must remind ourselves of this truth so that we don’t lose sight on Him and behave in a way that doesn’t glorify Him. Let Him be the focus of 2019 for you and I have no doubt it will be your best year ever, even if it turns out to be your hardest year ever!