I have just finished reading the last book Billy Graham wrote. He was 93 and still pretty active and with the help of Franklin, his son, he gave us his thoughts about old age, death, heaven, and how to deal with them. He was able to tell people about Jesus, His love, death, and resurrection up until his own death last year. His book is entitled: NEARING HOME, a book about life, faith and finishing well.

He says this book is for everyone not just the aged. It won the Christian Book of the Year award. He uses scripture to back up his life and everything he did for Christ. He never feels too old to know it all. Journey with him into the Golden Years. Growing old is natural but growing old with GRACE is a choice. God does not forsake us but gives us hope to be with Jesus and our loved ones forever. He encourages us to read the Bible everyday. Let the Holy Spirit guide you to seek meaningful activity. It will help others as well as yourself. Let much PRAYER and fellowship give you joy and purpose. You can be “nearing home” with assurance of a Heavenly Home.

I have put a large display of some of his books we have out on the table and in the hall display. Please look them over and find one to read. His words are straight from God and meant to lead you closer to God. Some of these books are by his family as well as him. Ruth’s biography and poetry, Franklin’s books, Ann Graham Lotz books, Sermons and Bible Study books from Billy Graham.

Shirley Olmstead