What’s more refreshing in the hot summer than splashing water? Splashing in the pool; splashing in the ocean; splashing in the lake; even splashing in the tub or shower….

Water, one of our basic needs, is talked about in the Bible many times. I just reread a book called ”Splash the Living Water” by Esther Borroughs. It is based on the scripture in John 4 about the Samaritan woman at the well. It may have been a hot summer day, but Jesus wanted a drink of water. When he asked this woman for water, she got the “living water” He had. We all have need of this “living water’ to get us through life and on to Heaven one day. Not only do we need the splashing water from Jesus but we want to give others this life giving water. This book will tell you many ways to share the living water with others. 

We have put 3 memorials in  the library for the following people who have recently died:

Charlie Culp:  “ The Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham “

Lillian Woodring: “Harbor of the Light”

Winn Hall: ‘’So Help Me God,” the story of Supreme Court Justice, Roy Moore


If you would like to give a memorial OR a book to honor someone, let me know. Write the name and book on paper and leave it on the desk.

Summertime is a good time to relax by the water and read a good book. We have many. Just ask for help.

The Library will be open during Vacation Bible School if you need to come in.

Shirley Olmstead