Are you taking a summer vacation? Where would you like to go? It can be a real one or a pretend one. With books you can go anywhere. Our books are full of adventure to places like Hawaii, England, China, or just a place in the good ole USA. I can recommend books by Tracie Petersen about early US history and the California Gold Rush. “My Father’s World” will take you by wagon train to Mineral Springs, Calif. and the panning for gold.  Not everybody struck it rich but they found riches in family, work, and building new cities. They brought their beliefs in God to the Mexicans and Indians. Lots of mysterious things could happen when bears, cougars, and other critters took them by surprise. When determination gave them cause to be strong and tuff it out, their rewards were great. 

If you want a book about the people who came to settle in the Blue Ridge Mountains and contend with the Cherokee Indians read, “The Spirit of Appalachiaā€¯ by Gilbert Morris. Many of the descendants still live in the mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina. Read how the Bible was the foundation of many of their educational tools to settle in this new land. 

If you would like to read about Scotland and how immigrants came to the US for freedom and better living conditions and who settled in the north around Chicago and Wisconsin read, “A Proper Pursuit”.  Three sisters come to find family and happiness but find hardship and economic  struggle just to have a place to live and food to eat.  Their plight is so exciting and how they seek God’s guidance is a great story.

Please come in and look for your “summer vacation” in books. We will be glad to help you. No cost at all.

Shirley Olmstead