I hope you have had a good summer and are back to normal schedules. This includes coming to the library and reading good books. We have lots of new books on display and on the shelves. I have been reading one I want to tell you about and encourage you to read. The ELM CREEK QUILTS novels by Jennifer Chiaverini.  It is a three in one. Three books in one collection. It takes place in Pennsylvania on an old estate called ELM CREEK MANOR. It has been inherited by the last remaining family member who is not really interested in restoring it as much as she is in selling it. But as she meets a landscaper and wife who are interested in helping her make it a showplace again, she gets enthused to make it live again. She has been a quilter in times past and has many displayed around the home. As the story develops, you will find out how it becomes home to a group of quilters who organize and maintain a quilting camp for ladies who want to learn and quilt. Stories of life issues, personal and social, will enlighten you as to how to help resolve your own life issues. Close friendships, business decisions, and overcoming fear, hate, greed, and animosity will keep you reading.

Ms. Chiaverini’s warm and generous portrayals of women who live to  quilt and quilt to live provide a most welcome respite from the violence that mars so much of today’s fiction. Even if you are not a quilter, who knows, this may inspire you to want to try it out.  I highly recommend this book. The three titles are: “THE Quilter’s Apprentice”  “Round Robin”, and “The Cross Country Quilters” all by JENNIFER CHIAVERINI.

Shirley Olmstead