“Ides” like to see you marching to the Library.  Our books are richer than a “pot o gold”. Enough of this “Blarney” stuff. Spring is just around the corner . I’ve already seen jonquils blooming and red bud trees turning. “to everything a season “so says the Bible. Do you know where this is found?

Have you ever wanted to do more  than send a card in the loss of a family member or friend? Have you ever wanted to recognize someone for doing something special? How about giving a book to the church library in memory of or in honor of them.  This would be a lasting tribute  to that person and a blessing to those who read it. A label would be placed in the front of the book with the name of person remembered and the person giving the book. Please check with one of the librarians to make sure that book is not already in the library.  A letter will be sent to the family of the person remembered to denote such a gift.   We have designated a book in memory of Mrs. Alma Luttrell who recently passed.  The name of the book is “Troublesome Creek” by Jan Watson. It is a fascinating book about a girl who survives a miraculous birthing to be raised by a father and stepmother who want to see her become a “Lady” with poise and grace.  She is not having anything to do with that kind of life and is very independent to make her own life there in Kentucky wilds.  You will find out that our plans are not always God’s plans in our lives. 

This book is on display and ready to check out.

Shirley Olmstead