I will have to admit that I am not a very patient person. The ministry has taught me to be careful to wait on God, but I am by no means really good at that. I have a tendency to want to move quickly but God often reminds me that His timing is not our timing. Some things that I think will take longer go more quickly than expected and other things that I think will go quickly take longer than expected.

As many of you know by now, we have a new church bus and it was amazing to me to see how quickly God worked the details out in that situation. Brother Art told me that he was going to give a donation in Emily’s memory so that we could purchase a second bus. Admittedly I assumed it would be a few weeks for the “dust” to settle before that would happen. However, a week after Art told me he was going to give the donation he called me and asked what a new bus would cost because he would be writing a check later in the week!

Thankfully, I had already talked with our salesman at Carpenter Bus Sales, John Adams, and we had been discussing our requests and needs. We wanted 15 passengers or less so that no CDL would be required to drive it. We needed something with a better ability to see out of the front window for passengers that suffer from motion sickness. It was also requested that we have no luggage compartment on the new bus but instead a rear window. In my initial conversations with John, I found out that we would be able to get a bus at the end of July, but it would not have better visibility out of the front, and it would have a rear luggage compartment.

John then mentioned a bus that had been on hold and was a day away from the hold through date that would meet our needs. As God provided, the school that had it on hold could not take action to buy it, so it was made available to us and it met our every need! God provided quickly in that circumstance, much more quickly than I expected but I am grateful for God’s timing.

God is also teaching me to wait on His timing with the sale of my home. Janice and I believe God led us to put our house on the market, we got ready for it to sell quickly but it has not. I was not looking to sell my house but do believe God put that on our hearts and have been shocked by the inactivity on our home. However, I have to trust that if God led us to this, He has a timing for the sale of our home and the people that He has picked out to buy our home will find it in the right timing. Still, I confess it is very hard to wait! Very hard to wait! Did I say it is hard to wait? Nevertheless, I am trying to trust the promise of God’s Word.

NAU Isaiah 40:31 Yet those who wait for the LORD Will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles, They will run and not get tired, They will walk and not become weary.

Pursue Christ while you wait and in Him you can find strength…even if you are impatient!

In His Amazing Grace,