This month I would like to review one of our newer books. A historical novel very akin to “Gone With the Wind.” Except it is placed in Virginia on the Arlington Plantation of the Custer Family. The daughter,  Mary, becomes the wife of the General Robert E. Lee. The title is: MRS. LEE;MRS. GRAY by Dorothy Love. You will have to read this book to find out who Mrs. Gray is.

This is the story of life on the plantation before, during and after the Civil War. You will know the life of Robert E. Lee in his marriage, battles, family, and defeat.  He was father to seven children. 

He was a slave owner along with many who did not want to be, but the times were so that to run a plantation slaves were necessary. How they were treated was a different matter.  Read how some became like family and were given their freedom as time passed. 

In reading this you will find out how this plantation became the famous Arlington Cemetery.  Men especially, will enjoy all the military life and battles.

READ IT…..You will be captivated.

Shirley Olmstead