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I Will Follow You


I recently heard a song again that was released in 2015 called “I will follow you”. I knew the lyrics already, but I guess I had never focused on what was being said. One of the verses sings “when the sea is calm and all is right, when I feel your favor flood my life, […]

Enjoy Your Trip!


“Bon Voyage”, “All Aboard”, “Buckle Up” are expressions that make us think of traveling. All of us have dreams of places we’d like to visit—some far away and some just down the road. Some of these places we’ll never be able to visit. But reading a book with the setting in the place of our […]

July Is Upon Us


I can hardly believe that the summer is flying by like it is.  July is upon us and we have a busy month coming up.  July 2nd we will have a cookout/picnic at the church at 5pm and I look forward to a time of fun and fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Christ.  […]