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It’s Not You


A friend of mine once offered advice to a hurting young Christian lady who couldn’t understand why her father was keeping a distant relationship. He would not call for months at a time, and would put off planned events with his daughter. Any attempt at visiting was extended through the daughter, rather than both ways. […]

Birthday Thoughts


Having just turned 81, these are my birthday thoughts.  Angel Wings cards and people have shared many of these same thoughts. Getting older Is no fun;  Needing strength for the day; Ready to Go, ready to stay; Looking to Jesus every moment; In the sweet by and by; Victory in Jesus; Some Golden Sunrise;  Together […]

Good For Nothing


As I write this article we just had a time of fellowship together as a church at Mountaintown Campground.  I realize that not everyone could be there but it was good to be able to have a number of our folks out there just relaxing and enjoying one another’s company.  I want to thank the […]