The Christmas season can be a wonderful time of year.  I enjoy all the Christmas lights that people put up and I like the decorations that my wife puts up around the house.  It still amazes me how early the stores get a jump on the season but even with that I enjoy seeing Christmas stuff all around.  I am very grateful, though, that I know the real reason for Christmas and know that it is not about a jolly old elf or giving and getting stuff.  I am glad that it is about celebrating the birth of Christ.

4 out of 5 lost or unchurched people say that they would go to church if someone they knew invited them

Celebrating Christ’s birth gives us some opportunities during this season.  There are people around us that don’t go to church and many of those people will actually come to church around Christmas if they are invited.  The truth is 4 out of 5 lost or unchurched people say that they would go to church if someone they knew invited them to church.  With that being said I want to encourage you to take advantage of the services we will have during this season.  Invite someone to the Christmas Musical on Sunday morning December 18th at 11am.  Tell them that the preacher is not even going to preach so they can come enjoy the music!  We will share the Gospel through song!  Invite them to join you for the Christmas Eve service on the 24th at 5pm.  Believe it or not even lost people like the idea of a Christmas Eve service and you can tell them that the dress code is casual!  Finally invite them to come Christmas morning.  We will have a 10am service and the dress will be casual for that as well.  Ask God to give you are heart for those around you that are not involved in church and give you an opportunity to invite them.  They might actually come but if you don’t invite them they definitely won’t come!

Also be sensitive to those around you that may have a hard time during the holidays.  Perhaps they have lost loved ones or feel lonely because they don’t have a big family around them.  Ask God to help you reach out to them and show them love during this season.  Christmas is a season to rejoice but sometimes we need to be reminded and we need brothers and sisters in Christ to remind us that they care and that Jesus cares.  Be a Christmas light for others this year!