As 2016 winds to an end it is hard to believe that another year has flown by.  To say that 2016 was an interesting year might be an understatement.  The election season which seemed to start 10 years ago, began so early in the year that it lasted all year long and unfortunately continues to dominate news stories even today.  Those who are upset are determined that the results couldn’t be right and those who are happy with the results feel like their vote actually mattered and that a few big cities didn’t dictate the results of the election.  It has truly been a polarizing season and yet we know that only God can change this country for the good no election ever will.

In 2016 musicians David Bowie, Leonard Cohen and Prince all passed away.  The musical “Hamilton” took home 11 Tony Awards and has been an amazing hit bringing wrap to the Broadway stage while communicating history surrounding the life of Alexander Hamilton.  The Chicago Cubs finally broke the curse of the Billy goat and won the World Series after a 108 year drought.  So much more went on during the year I couldn’t possibly include it all in this short article.

However, as a New Year begins it is always good to look back and reflect on things that we have experienced in the past year.  Some of those things are good things to remember some of those things are difficult things to remember.  Regardless of what we went through this year they likely contributed to our growth in one form or another over the last year.  However, the most important area that we should consider in looking back is our spiritual growth.  Are you closer to the Lord now than you were this time last year?  That is a hard question that we should consider carefully and honestly.

You can’t change what you did or didn’t do in your walk with the Lord over the last year but you can decide to be more intentional about your growth in the New Year.  Only you can set aside the time to be alone with the Lord.  Only you can make time with Him a priority in the New Year.  I pray that a year from now you will be able to look back and see how you made time for Him and grew closer to Him throughout the course of the year.  He wants to have a close and intimate relationship with you and if you make it a priority that will be one decision you will never have a reason to regret.

In His Amazing Grace,