Back before Christmas Janice and I began to realize that our furniture was getting pretty worn out.  We had our couch and recliner for well over 15 years and it had just gotten to a point where it wasn’t as comfortable as it once was and the workings of it were wearing down.  You see the couch had a recliner in each end and they were wearing down and my recliner had gotten fairly shaky and it was just time to get new furniture.

After spending some time looking at furniture we ended up at the La-Z-Boy store and were trying to decide what we liked.  After looking at the prices we had this crazy idea that we would not get a couch this time but instead get four recliners…so we did.  I know it sounds a little crazy but our kids are obviously a little older and now they each have their own chair and when they do launch they can take their recliner with them and will have something nice to start off their furniture with.  I have to confess that I really didn’t know how uncomfortable my old recliner had become until I got my new one.  When it was delivered and I sat in it, suddenly I realized just how bad the old one was and how comfortable my new one is.  The support is so much greater and its mechanics are so much smoother it is amazing the difference in this chair.  Now when I fall asleep in front of the TV I am very comfortable!

if we choose comfort in our Christian walk we are never going to follow God

I am afraid, however, that as Christians we are choosing comfort over obedience.  There is nothing wrong with a comfortable chair but if we choose comfort in our Christian walk we are never going to follow God.  God calls us out of our comfort zone and into some challenging places.  If you realize that you have not been challenged in your faith lately you might want to honestly examine whether or not you are actually following God or not.  God wants us to grow and growth happens when we are stretched and tested.

Pray that God will not give you comfort this year but instead stretch you and test you.  Determine that you will grow closer to God every month knowing that the testing of our faith produces endurance.  Knowing God is worth the struggle but you have to decide that you are willing to face the struggle and discomfort to grow.

In His Amazing Grace,