Some people like vintage more than new.  If you had the choice between a vintage car, like a 1968 Camaro SS or a brand-new Camaro SS, what would you be more inclined to choose?  If you had the choice between a 100-year-old house with lots of “character” or a brand-new house full of warranties, what would you choose?  If you change the new Camaro to a new truck, I must confess I would choose the new truck though I would be a little torn, but not a lot because the new truck would ride better and have a lot more technology.  If given the choice between the old house with character or the new house I would choose new again.  The truth is I like new things!  Certainly, there are vintage or antique things that are too valuable to pass up or part with, but when it comes to a number of things in life new is often better to me.

We are heading quickly into a new year, 2020!  New can mean better but it doesn’t necessarily mean better.  None of us know what this new year will hold for us.  We have certain hopes, perhaps even plans, for the new year, but God is the only one that really knows what is in front of us.  It could mean great successes, wonderful joy, and lots of laughter.  It could also mean struggles physically, emotionally, and spiritually!  All we can do is give this new year to God and trust that He will indeed work it all together for our good!  He promises that He will work it together for our good, He just doesn’t promise that it will be easy!

However, let me ask you this way…if God said this year is going to be your easiest and most enjoyable year ever, your bank account will grow, your health will be perfect, your family will be blessed beyond measure, but at the end of the year your walk with me (God) will be cold and indifferent, would you choose that easy year?  What if, instead, God said this year is going to be a struggle, it is going to be hard, people you love will struggle, and things may get tight financially; however, at the end of the year you will know me (God) more deeply and intimately than you ever have…which one would you choose?

I pray that even if it means going through hard stuff, we will choose to know God more a year from now.  To more deeply walk with Him and practice His presence throughout each day in this new year.  God brings joy that life can’t bring without Him.  As for me and my house…we will choose to follow God.  I pray we all grow in Him in this new year.

In His Amazing Grace,