The time is rapidly approaching for the Disciple Now week-end youth event here in Ellijay, a time when churches come to-gether to reach our youth for Jesus. This year’s theme will be “I Am Here” and will help students focus on their true worth as told by God and not by the world. There will also be a focus on the anxiety and depression that this generation faces.

“DNow” Weekend stands for “Disciple Now Weekend” and is a weekend retreat/sleepover for a youth group that includes worship and Bible study.

But there are a few distinctions that make DNow Week-ends different from a normal retreat. DNow Weekends are an amazing time where the church has the chance to play an im-portant role in the students’ lives through Host Homes, small groups and service/mission opportunities.

Please consider being a part of DNow and live out your faith here and now!

**If you would like more information, or if you feel led to lead a small group or to host a group in your home, please let me know!**