The library dedicates a book when someone in our church family passes. We keep a record of the deaths and the books in memory there in the library if you would like to see it. We contact the family to inform them of the book in their memory. If you would like to donate a book in someone’s memory just let us know. I say all this because the book I would like to review for you this month is given in memory of Steve Brothers who passed this summer.

He was an outdoor person in that he loved to work with his hands in God’s great outdoors. He was a builder, a trailblazer, a cook, a lover of animals, and could fix anything needed for people. This book enti-tled, “STAND UP THAT MOUNTAIN” by Jay E. Leutze is the story of a man that battled to save one small community in the Wilderness along the Appalachian Trail. Telling the story through the characters in his Appalachian community, he brings the mountain people alive with their speech, history, and values. They take their case from the county to the state’s highest court. Jay saves the town of “Dog Town” from a mining company that wants to dynamite Belview Mountain, which happens to sit next to the famous Appalachian Trail. He assembles a group of environmental lawyers to do battle to stop the mining compa-ny from further destruction. This is a contemporary story that demon-strates what is possible when local people set their minds to righting a local wrong. You will be enlightened by the facts along the APPALACHI-AN TRAIL.

Books such as this can inform and enlighten our knowledge of God’s great outdoors. Come in and let us show you around and give you a book that will interest you. Our library is a wonderful ministry of our church.

Shirley Olmstead