Who are you?  I am not asking what name is on your driver’s license or ID card.  I am not asking what people call you or what your nickname is.  As men, we have the tendency to answer that question by what we do.  I am not asking about your profession or anything like that.  Certainly we have roles in life, and we are likely known by the roles that we have.  For instance, I am Janice’s husband.  I have been her husband for over 29 years now.  So, to some people I am known as her husband.  I am also a father.  Depending on who knows which one of my children I would either be Hailey’s dad or Brooks’ dad.  I am honored and blessed to be identified by either of those labels.

However, those don’t really answer the question of who I am.  While we have the tendency to find our identity in roles we have, jobs we do, relationships in our lives, we really should not get our identity from any of those places at all.  As Christians we need to realize that our identity is in Christ.  I am a child of the King!  I am set free, blood bought, and redeemed because of what Christ did on the cross for me. 

In Ephesians 1, Paul repeats a form of the phrase “in Christ” numerous times.  Paul was driving home the reality of who we are based upon to whom we belong.  We were bought with a price and we belong to God.  You are not your own.  Roles change in life.  While I am still the son of my parents, I can no longer relate to them as a son because they have gone on to be with Jesus.  If my identity were based in being the son of Jack and Florence Rosser, I would be in trouble.  However, I will never cease being a son of the King.  I am joint heir with Jesus Christ.

We will be doing a study on Wednesday nights that begins on September 25th but will continue for several weeks.  It is based on the movie Overcomer.  It will help us sort through this reality of who we are.  Nothing in your life is bigger than the God you serve.  You are an overcomer through Him!  Join us as we study about who we are in Christ!

In His Amazing Grace,