I must confess that back at the end of August when we started walking our way through The Revelation, I was not overly excited about it because it can be a difficult book to deal with. The first three chapters are straight forward and not so complicated but as you move farther into the book you can get some commentary on those texts that is really messed up. From study years ago you might get things about the Soviet Union and communist countries and all sorts of odd theories that don’t hold any real relevance today. I am thankful to say that the commentaries I have purchased since my previous study of this book are a lot more straight forward and deal directly with the text.

In light of that I am truly enjoying walking through this book and getting a clearer perspective on it, as well as realizing that we are dealing with something that is timely and relevant for what is going on in the world around us right now. I can’t think of a more unusual time than what we are dealing with in the world and more specifically in our country. I watch very little news right now because when I do I find myself getting angry at the destruction of this country by the radical left in DC. However, I also realize that God is still on the throne and some of this is judgment against this country because we have forgotten Him.

I don’t know how long it will be before the Rapture takes place and the Tribulation begins, but I do believe that it is going to happen and that it could happen very soon. Certainly, there are so many things that have lined up for the end times and tribulation to take place. In light of the brevity of time we need to be praying and seeking the Lord daily. Stay in His Word and let Him impact your thinking, don’t let the world drag you down into a funk where you are overly discouraged or depressed. We win! God is still on the throne!

Also, given the shortness of time, pray for your lost family, friends, and neighbors. Pray that God will work in their heart and pray that God will give you opportunities to share with them. Knowing what is coming for those that are not raptured out before the Tribulation we should be broken for them. We should love them enough to want to see them come to faith in Christ. Even more so we should want them to spend their eternity in Heaven rather than Hell. There are only two options for eternity, let’s work hard to take them to Heaven with us.

In His Amazing Grace,