First, let me thank everyone who contributed to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. Our “Thank You” goal was reached as we collected a little over $10,000. That is wonderful news.

With so many other offerings and gifts during Christmas we are glad to reach this goal. Now, it is time to think about our Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. I know we seem to talk about money all the time but our North American Missionaries are in need as well as International Missionaries. This Easter offering goes to send Church Starts, Schools, Hospitals, Children’s Homes, supplies and equipment to teach , and  Homes and physical facilities for our missionaries monies they need to spread the Gospel. Be in prayer about what you can give and please use the prayer guides to pray for and know about our missionaries in North America. 

Now, about our library.  Did you know our church is like a tree planted in Gilmer County to minister and supply needs here. Our ”tree” has branches that are the organizations such as Sunday School, Music, Bible Study, Missions, Prayer Meetings, Social functions, and a LIBRARY. Think of yourselves as the “leaves” on the branches that furnish food for the hungry. The hungry for the truth and spirit of God. The tree depends on the leaves to furnish nourishment.  We truly work together to be useful to our community.  Our Library can be helpful to you if you use it. We have many good books to help you grow in knowledge of the Savior. Books that will teach you how to be a witness, how to contribute your talents, how to use your money wisely, how to teach your children about Jesus, how to pray, how to worship, how to relate to other people  and how to enjoy the life God has given you.  Turn over a new ‘leaf’ and be a part of our “tree” at Pleasant Grove.

Shirley Olmstead