We are blessed in our association to have Claude Mathis as our missionary. Claude genuinely has a heart for God’s people, the church, and the lost around us. I have worked with numerous associational missionaries through the years, but I have to say Claude is at the top of the list.  His heart shows in all that he does through the medical clinics, dental clinic, food distributions, and also supporting pastors. It is not unusual for me to get a call from Claude just to see how he might be able to pray for me, my family, or this church.

Claude has been teaching a method of evangelism knowns as Three Circles: Life Conversation. I know everybody can’t make it on Wednesday nights, but I am grateful for those that have been able to be here, and I pray that we will become more intentional in sharing our faith.  The need to reach the lost right around us is great. We are God’s plan to reach Gilmer county and I pray that there will be a stirring in our hearts that we can’t quench unless we share our faith with those we come in contact with.

As Easter is fast approaching (April 1st) we will soon be collecting our Annie Armstrong Easter Offering. This critical offering goes directly to support the spread of the Gospel throughout the United States, Canada, and a few places close by. The sad truth is America has more and more lost people every year and we can’t afford to quit trying to turn the tide. We must give, we must go, and we must pray for the lost around us. I am so grateful to be a part of a church that gives generously in support of missions and I pray we will get even better in our giving.

Matt Dye, one of our North American Board Church Planters will be joining us on Wednesday night April 11th to tell us what is going on at M28. As you probably already know we give to support this critical church plant in Midtown Atlanta. Approximately 98% of the people that live inside the 285 perimeter are unchurched and/or lost. This church’s support of M28 is just one way we are working to turn the tide in the largest city in the South.

Your giving to Annie Armstrong can help be a part of turning the tide in North America and bringing people to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. Thank you for praying and letting God lead you to give in obedience to support the work of missionaries as we seek to let God change hearts through our willingness to give and go.

In His Amazing Grace,