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Why are you a Christian?


How would you respond to that question? If that came from a lost person it would be very beneficial to their eternity if you could give more than, “Well I grew up in a Christian home.” Or “I just always have been.” Peter reminds us that we should be able to give a defense, a […]

D-NOW 2020


The time is rapidly approaching for the Disciple Now week-end youth event here in Ellijay, a time when churches come to-gether to reach our youth for Jesus. This year’s theme will be “I Am Here” and will help students focus on their true worth as told by God and not by the world. There will […]

Let “Love” give you 20/20 vision


Love is the Theme Love makes the world go round Love one another…Love God with all your heart. The first Bible verse you learned was probably this: “God is Love”. Every page of our Bible tells us in some way of God’s love. He first loved us so we can love each other. The greatest […]