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Wasted Ointment


by Viola Walden Sixty dollars’ worth of perfume wasted! It wasn’t stolen or spilled: simply poured on the head of a Man. Bystanders turned on the woman indignantly. “Why this waste?” they demanded. “It could have been sold and the money given to the poor.” Love rarely makes sense to those not in love. An […]

Christian Fellowship


Fellowship, according to, is the sharing together in a common life with other believers through a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. Fellowship is first and foremost a relationship, rather than an activity. The principle is that any activity that follows should come out of the relationship1. In Acts 2:42 the early church was […]

Join the Sanctuary Choir for The Risen Christ


 The Pleasant Grove Sanctuary Choir is beginning rehearsals on the Easter musical The Risen Christ. This musical is a celebration of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. The story of Christ’s life, crucifixion and resurrection is told through the characters of John the disciple, Peter, and Mary Magdalene, using narrations that are literally adapted […]

From the “Loving” Library


“Love” is a word that brings to mind a million things.  With February in the air our thoughts turn to Valentine and the subject of “Love”.  So, what do you love?  Do you love to read? Do you love a happy ending?  How will you express love for God? For others?  For the freedoms we […]

Afraid of Different


Years ago there was an inventor in Switzerland that came up with a new way for watches to operate. He was excited because it was far more accurate and kept time so much better than the old way. With great enthusiasm and excitement he took his invention to watchmakers all over Switzerland but no one […]